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The Gordon District Cricket Club is one of Sydney’s oldest cricket clubs, and has been participating in Sydney’s premier grade cricket competitions since 1905 and consists of a men’s, women and junior club.
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Associate Membership 2019-2020

The Gordon District Cricket Club is seeking your assistance to secure needed income while at the same time substantially increasing the number of supporters and former players to become directly involved in our proud club. Below you will find a message from the President, Geoff Hickman seeking your help to enable our club to continue its great traditions and increase its important role as part of our community. Please read Geoff’s message and dig deep and become an Associate Member of the GDCC. Don’t leave it to someone else, this is your chance to contribute.

President’s Message

Gordon DCC is a club with 115 years of history, of proud achievements and has been the nursery of many legends of Australian cricket. Many of you have written your own page in this great history and we thank all former players, volunteers, officials and supporters for their contribution to, not only our proud cricket club, but the great game of cricket in Australia. We all want and expect our club to go for another 100 years and provide opportunities to the future legends of Australian cricket.

We would like to encourage former players and all supporters to continue their association with the club. Much has been documented in recent months about the struggle of grassroots cricket in Australia. The reality is our great club survives from year to year on the hard work of our volunteers and players and the financial support of our loyal sponsors. That with the financial contribution of our Annual Golf Day allows our club to remain financially solvent. With rising standards and expectations, the club needs to continually raise the bar on available resources. With that in mind we have embarked on an ambitious five-year plan in order to maintain our place in one of the world’s leading club competitions.

The fees that our players pay each season only cover approximately a third of the overall costs of running our club. We do not pay our players, we spend most of our money on providing quality coaching and the costs of playing each week (e.g. ball costs, ground hire etc).

As a past player or supporter of our club, we welcome your support and assistance. We seek more volunteers to assist in the running of our club, and to broaden the sources of income, to supplement our existing revenue streams.

In order to achieve this goal and to provide you with the opportunity to become more engaged with our club we are re-launching our associate membership packages, aptly known as the STAGS ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP. Each package will provide benefits to you as well as the opportunity to stay connected with our great club and continue to write our history in the great game of cricket in Australia. Further details of each package are included below.

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Volunteers Required

The Gordon District Cricket Club is a premier cricket club on Sydney’s North Shore. Like all great sporting clubs, GDCC is faced with the challenge of balancing performance on the field with support off the field.

In order to achieve a high standard of off field support, the club relies on the great work of volunteers.

Volunteers allow the club to provide players and visitors with a great experience each week during the season. It is the little things that most don’t notice that the volunteers at the club do that provides the greatest support, this includes:

  • Team or ground management. Assisting with ground and club room set up, preparation of drinks, lunches and afternoon teas, scoring and remarking wicket area during official breaks in play
  • Early morning covers removal on game day
  • Late afternoon assistance to put cover down during the week, particularly if rain is threatening
  • Help set up and take down training nets
  • Publication of stories, report and notices on the website / mobile app
  • Events (e.g. fund-raising golf day, dinners)

Most of the above are not designed to be significant time commitments, some as little as 30 minutes of time through to a couple of hours. With three grounds in operation on any given Saturday 3 to 4 volunteers for each ground ensures that no one volunteer is overburdened.

As a volunteer you will get to enjoy the benefits available to members of the club, including access to sponsor offers, invites to all functions and regular volunteer functions throughout the season.

If you are interested, please register your interest by contacting Tim Cubbage at timothy.cubbage@bigpond.com

Our Values

Our Values

The only behaviour we truly control is our own. Therefore, to build a strong club culture, every individual must reflect the Gordon Spirit in their behaviour both on and off the field.

Excellence: Aim to achieve your best performance every day and be better the next. Have a strong work ethic with a professional approach to continuous improvement. To achieve this,

  •  Be aware of your capabilities and set high standards to work on your current limitations in order to stretch your potential.
  •  Enjoy your successes but don’t relax your efforts. Be passionate and committed to continue to improve. Perseverance and determination are the keys to success.

Respect: Without opponents, officials, volunteers and supporters, there would be no game. They have all given freely on their time to give you the opportunity to play.

  • Treat people with courtesy, politeness, and kindness.
  • Never insult, disparage, or put people or their ideas down.
  • Truly listen to others.
  • Be aware of your body language, demeanour, and tone of voice in your interactions.

Enjoyment: Winning is important but having enjoyed ourselves with our club mates is even more so. Develop a strong spirit of camaraderie which will help to build a strong club.

  • A positive attitude leads to greater success and will spread to the other team members.
  • Celebrate even small wins and be quick to praise your team members. ‘Well done’ is quick to say but has an encouraging and lasting effect.

Team spirit: A team is always stronger than a collection of individuals. Work with your team mates to build a strong bond so that the team is united.

  •  Leave your ego in the car park; focus on achieving team goals.
  • Be empathetic, learn to connect with others and understand how they operate.
  • Display integrity and be open and transparent in dealing with others.
  • Learn to give and receive constructive advice without resorting to personal criticism or taking offence.