The Club has announced the selectors and selection policy for season 2019-20. The Selection Committee will consist of Mark Carmichael (Chair) Bob Thomas and Ben Preece. In addition, the team captains will be involved as selectors for the teams they represent.

The Selection Committee will:

  •  Be responsible for selecting the clubs grade teams (1sts – Colts) and the Poidevin Gray Shield team
  • The selectors will endeavour to contact all players who have been selected in a different grade from the previous round prior to teams being published
  • The Selection Committee will only discuss the selection of teams and reasons for selection with those directly involved in any change
  • Should a player wish to discuss their selection they are encouraged to contact the Chairman of Selectors in the first instance

Factors Influencing Selection

  • Individual Performance – the focus will be on all round performance ie batting, bowling and fielding. Game awareness and performance in the context of the game will be noted.
  • Team Balance – teams will be chosen with consideration to the type of game being played i.e. 2-day, 1 day or T20 and the resources necessary to compete in such a game.
  • Availability- players who are unavailable for a round, may not, depending on the circumstances be automatically selected in the grade they were in prior to becoming unavailable.
  • Fitness – Players are individually responsible for maintaining an acceptable level of fitness, which will enhance overall team performance.
  • Training Attendance- Post day light saving training is compulsory. It is expected that 1st and 2nd grade players will practise twice a week, with lower grades at least once per week. If unable to attend due to work/study commitments players are expected to advise their captain at the commencement of the week.
  • Attitude including attitude to the club, fellow players and administrators. This will include effort at training and match days, timeliness of attendance and overall contribution to the performance of the team.
  • Rotation- Where we have an excess of players we will endeavour to rotate players through the Colts team to ensure as many players as possible get the opportunity to play.

Mark Carmichael
Chairman of Selectors

Tym Crawford
Harry Evans