Club Captains

Club Captains assist the club by:

  • Creating a player committee to manage the affairs of the players as they relate to cricket at Gordon and report to the general committee. The goal of the committee is to involve the players far more in the club’s operations to make them feel some ownership of club development.
  • Using this player committee to organise and advertise social functions
  • Taking initial responsibility for player behaviour and report to Committee if unable to resolve
  • Attending committee meetings and report on the activities of the players, the performance of the club both on and off the field and present any views of the players in regard to areas to be improved or opportunities to be taken up.
  • Assisting with planning of the Golf day as main fund raiser and seek assistance from players
  • Liaising with Facilities committee of general committee and attend when required meetings with groundsman/council to put the opinion of the players in regard to state of grounds and practice facilities
  • Providing the first line of club support for players in need of assistance
  • Communicating with players through whatever means is best available such as Facebook, Club app to make players feel more part of the club

Team Captains

Team captains use their leadership and inter-personal skills to help their team have a successful season and to communicate with the club. The team captain is responsible for both on-field and off-field activities. Team managers, where appointed, assist the captain with off-field activities. The team captain knows the Laws of Cricket and all rules of the local competition.

Team Captains assist the club by:

  • Providing firm but fair leadership
  • Ensuring team members attend practices
  • Providing a scorer when necessary
  • Promoting good team and club spirit
  • Submitting match reports
  • Sending match results to club officials or press for publication
  • Entering scores into MyCricket
  • Ensuring availability of on-field drinks
  • Catering for afternoon tea in two-day matches
  • Completing SCA match report forms on the myCricket website and sending them to the Sydney Cricket Association before the Wednesday after each match
  • Completing team report on the season concluded  and sending them to Jim Cattlin for inclusion in the Annual Report.