Outbreaks and sickness are a stress you could really do without.

That’s why we set out to deliver the ultimate protection against germs. And we did it. ZOONO® is the next level germ protection you’ve been waiting for.

ZOONO®‘s long-lasting sanitisers stop germs in their tracks. Our innovative technology is backed by over 150 lab reports, so you can trust ZOONO® to keep you, your family, and your business protected. Apply once in the morning and enjoy one less thing to stress about all day long.


To give you the confidence to go about life and business without giving germs a second thought, by providing the very best protection against germs.

Through a strong foundation of research and the development of innovative technologies, ZOONO® is committed to providing advanced proven and long-lasting solutions for protecting surfaces, skin, and fabrics.

Zoono is proud to be a sponsor of the Gordon District Cricket Club