Club Practice

Players have chosen to play grade cricket in a premier competition to improve their overall cricket skills. Practice is a vital component in this process and the Club policy, which will be strictly followed, requires first and second grade players to attend at least two practices per week and third, fourth, fifth and Colts to attend at least 1 practice per week. Failure to comply will mean automatic demotion to a lower grade unless extraordinary extenuating circumstances are proven.

• Official club practice is conducted on Tuesdays and Thursdays at Chatswood Oval starting from 4.15pm pre-daylight saving and from 4.30pm during daylight saving.
• Nets are graded to ensure maximum benefit to players.
• Net practice is followed by team break-out practice where players are prepared for the coming weekend’s cricket. This session will be for 2 hours pre-daylight saving and for 3 hours during daylight saving.
• Specialist skill sessions are also run during these practice sessions.
• All players are to wear Club attire at all training sessions.
• Unless it is raining torrentially, training is on. If the turf wickets are too wet, either a) practice will be transferred to the alternate artificial wickets at the time.
• Players are expected to participate during the entire session (i.e. no sitting around).
• Players are expected to attend the complete session unless work commitments prevent them from doing so.
• Club practice is the opportunity to work on improving your strengths and work on eliminating your weaknesses. The more you put in, the more you will get out.
• Club practices should be demanding but enjoyable and rewarding.


Ben Preece: 0428 759 826
Trevor Chappell (0487437782)